Our mission: Stop plastic waste & fund ocean cleanup

the RESISTANCE is growing

Cancel Plastic stickers have been placed around the world, and are actively helping to end mindless plastic use.


1. Plastic Activists place stickers in high-impact areas (such as plastic cup or utensil dispensers).

2. Cancel Plastic stickers remind others to use less plastic.

3. Profits from each sale fund ocean plastic removal.

(For every sticker pack sold, we remove at least 1lb of Ocean Bound Plastic)

Join THE guerrilla campaign to clean our oceans.


Take a stand against plastic waste


single-use plastic must stop


every sticker makes a difference

People dig our stickers:

I was tired of waiting for change to just “happen”. I feel great knowing that I helped people avoid using plastic trash!

Amanda H.

This may just  a sticker- but the mission- is HUGE! I got all my friends to buy stickers. Together we've removed over 27 pounds of plastic!

Nia G.

I put stickers up at my local juice bar- and the owners actually thanked me! It's so great to actually do something tangible about plastic pollution.

Nick S.
3 sticker pack (removes 1 lb. of plastic)
3 sticker pack (removes 1 lb. of plastic)
3 sticker pack (removes 1 lb. of plastic)
3 sticker pack (removes 1 lb. of plastic)
3 sticker pack (removes 1 lb. of plastic)
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Cancel Plastic stickers are a direct way to help people make better choices. 

We were fed up with seeing mindless plastic use everywhere, so we decided to do something about it. 

Each sticker helps stop single-use plastic from entering the waste stream. 

When put in the right locations, Cancel Plastic stickers encourage people to reduce their plastic consumption.

For every 3 pack of stickers sold, Cancel Plastic removes 1 lb. of ocean bound plastic from the ocean, river ways, and beaches of Haiti. Through our partnership with ECSSA in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, Cancel Plastic is helping to make our oceans a little cleaner.

We're doing our absolute best to be as kind to the planet as possible. That's why:

  • Cancel Plastic stickers¬†are made¬†from paper.
  • Our sticker manufacturer is powered 100% by wind energy.
  • There is NO plastic in any of our shipping.
  • Our entire¬†business is certified 100% carbon neutral.¬†

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